• Advocacy

    Advocating For The Industry

    Through our advocacy programs we strive to influence favorable perceptions and outcomes with external audiences including buyers, legislators, regulators, and the media.

GET IN TOUCH! Campaign

A five-year, multimillion-dollar industry-wide branding initiative targeting advertising buyers. It will increase awareness and improve the overall perception of promotional products and communicate the benefits of working with promotional consultants.

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Legislative Action Watch

Discover more about Legislative Action Watch, PPAI L.E.A.D., L.E.A.D. Local, and more.

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Diversity & Engagement

Identify your company's understanding of the new market and help you to tailor PPAI’s diversity development tools to meet your needs.

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Corporate Responsibility

Product Responsibility, Environmental Responsibility, and Social Responsibility.

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Promotional Products Work! Week

Join Us! Promotional Products Work! Week is an industry-wide event dedicated to celebrating promotional products and the value they create. We created the ‘Product Persona’ branding campaign to give popular promotional products a personality and voice so buyers can visualize how these products resonate with the consumer.

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