North American Leadership Conference

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NALC 2024 will take place Sunday, May 5 through Tuesday, May 7 at The Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Featured Speakers

 Bob Woodward 

 Legendary Pulitzer Prize-Winning Investigative Journalist; Associate Editor, The Washington Post; and Author, 22 Bestsellers 


 Anne Stone, CAE 

 Director, Member Engagement  


 Chris Anderson 



 Dale Denham, MAS+  

 President & CEO 


 Dana Porter 

 Vice President Of Information Services 


 Isaac Stone Fish 

 Founder & CEO 

 Strategy Risks 

 Jenna Quaranta 

 VP Of Sales & Business Innovation 

 KNOSS Apparel 

 Jessica Summers 

 Strategic Policy Director 

 Small Business Legislative Council 

 Jim Thomsen 

 VP Of Customer Success 

 Showdown Displays 

 Jo-An Lantz, MAS 



 Josh Ellis 



 Joshua Pospisil 

 National Accounts Manager 

 Hirsch Inc. 

 Joshua White 

 Head Of Strategy & General Counsel 


 Kate Daniels 

 Industry Partnerships Director 

 Oracle NetSuite 

 Kevin Walsh, CAS 


 Showdown Displays 

 Marc Katz 

 Co-Founder & CEO 

 Custom Ink 

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 Mark Blyth 


 Brown University 

 Scott Berinato  

 Senior Editor 

 Harvard Business Review 

 Shelly Heald Han 

 Chief Of Staff 

 Fair Labor Association  

 Tom Goos, MAS 


 Image Source 

Event Agenda

Monday, June 5, 2023

9:15 - 10 am et

How Washington Politics Has Changed

Since 1971, Bob Woodward has been covering the evolution of politics in Washington DC for The Washington Post.  From President Nixon to President Biden, Mr. Woodward has had a front row seat to the always changing political landscape, investigating every step of the way.  Hear the firsthand story of how Washington politics has changed, from this insider icon. 

Speaker: Bob Woodward, Investigative Journalist; Associate Editor, The Washington Post; and Author

10 - 10:15 am et

Photos With Bob Woodward And Break

10:15 - 11:15 am et

EX = CX2, Employee Xperience = Customer Xperience, Squared

This interactive session will illustrate and emphasize the benefits of building a strong Employee Experience within your organization. Ultimately, the return on this investment with your team/staff will increase employee retention and engagement while delivering an engaging Customer Experience to fuel future growth.

Speakers:  Kevin Walsh, CAS, Board Chair, President, Showdown Displays; Jim Thomsen, Vice President of Customer Success, Showdown Displays

11:15 am - Noon et

Curating Your Best Brand

How do you build your best brand, personal and professional? Hear from the Online 18 Leaders regarding how they developed, built, and continue to have a high value brand.

Speakers:  Josh Ellis, Publisher and Editor in Chief, PPAI: Jenna Quaranta, VP Sales & Business Innovation, KNOSS Apparel, Josh Pospisil, MAS, National Account Manager, Hirsch

1 - 2 pm et

China’s Geopolitical Reality

This session will explain how politics and economics – in both the United States and China – drive investing conditions in China, and advise companies on how to manage and reduce their China risk.

Speaker:  Isaac Stone Fish, Founder & CEO, Strategy Risks, Anne Stone, Director of Member Engagement, CAE, MAS, PPAI

2 - 2:45 pm et

Sustainability Opportunities For the Promotional Products Industry

All businesses have impact. Positive and negative. As promo materials companies are asked to align with rigorous ESG standards, there are those who will resist increased monitoring, management and reporting on their performance; and there are those who will distinguish themselves by embracing it. The latter will attract and retain young, passionate, valuable talent; secure a lower cost of capital; and ensure their own success in the context of increasingly discerning distributors and end consumers.  The heroes of the coming decade will think opportunistically about Sustainability and ESG, reorient themselves and their brands to honor market shifts, and position the promo industry to be a leader, rather than a laggard, in the transition to a less wasteful, more responsible economy

Speaker:  Kate Sharum Daniels, Industry Partnerships Director, Oracle NetSuite

3 - 3:15 pm et

PromoSnack: SAGE

Speaker: Dana Porter, MAS, Vice President of Information Services, SAGE

3:15 - 4:15 pm et

One On One Interviews With Dale Denham And Industry Leaders

This session will provide in-depth, one on one interviews with Dale Denham and the industry’s innovators and leaders.

Speakers:  Dale Denham, MAS+, CEO & President, PPAI; Marc Katz, Co-Founder, Chairman & CEO, Custom Ink, Joshua White, Head of Strategy and General Counsel, BAMKO

Tuesday, June 6, 2023

9 - 10 am et

The New Normal? That One? Fogettaboutit! Here’s Your Real ‘New Normal’ And It’s Anything But.

Remember the things we used to worry about? Inflation, the rise of China, the future of the Dollar, Decarbonization? They are all still here, but now they are screened through a new lens, that of major power conflict. Our portfolios rest upon a series of assumptions about integrated markets, instant transactions and global supply chains. All of these are now in doubt. How do we rethink the old in light of the new? What does that ‘new normal’ look like? And how can we not just survive, but profit, in that new normal.

Speaker: Mark Blyth, William R. Rhodes Professor of International Economics and Professor of Political Science, and Director of the William R. Rhodes Center for International Economics and Finance, Brown University

10 - 11 am et

Telling Stories With Data

Session Description: In this talk, Berinato will lay out the case for why making good charts is a need-to-have skill, and just as importantly, how a small investment in this skill can have an outsized impact on the business. He will show how transformations of charts can come from a few minutes asking a few questions. Additionally, he will talk about the broader need for improved information design—the planned and deliberate use of space to make presentations clear, concise, and appealing stories. Finally, he will talk about the challenges of building the skills to manage information design efforts and how to address those challenges.

Speaker: Scott Berinato, Senior Editor, Harvard Business Review

11:15 am - Noon et

Regulatory Roundup

What does it mean for you and your company if non-compete clauses are eliminated?  This topic, along with employment law updates, trends, and legal thresholds will be addressed.

Speaker: Jessica Summers, Strategic Policy Director, Small Business Legislative Council

1 - 1:40 pm et

Conversation Around Data Telling Stories

This conversation will delve into more detail regarding the importance of telling stories with data.  You will see how it’s done, and the session will provide examples of what this story looks like, using relevant industry data.

Speakers:  Josh Ellis, Publisher & Editor in Chief, PPAI; Scott Berinato, Senior Editor, Harvard Business Review

2 - 3 pm et

Navigating The Global Marketplace

Tom Goos, Image Source, will lead a panel of experts as they explore the array of strategic considerations in the global market, including country risk assessments and identifying reliable in-country partnerships.  This session is designed for both suppliers and distributors who are working to meet the needs of both domestic and international trading partners.

Speakers:  Tom Goos, MAS, President, Image Source, Inc.; Isaac Stone Fish, Founder & CEO, Strategy Risks; Jo-An Lantz, MAS, President & CEO, Geiger; Shelly Han, Chief of Staff and Director of Engagement, Fair Labor Association

3 - 3:50 pm et

Private Equity Lessons Every Business Can Use —Updated for 2023

Companies don’t have to be owned by private equity to achieve private equity-like returns.  Chris will share the private equity playbook that will empower you to maximize your business’ potential, regardless of the market conditions.

Speaker:  Chris Anderson, Board Member, CEO, HPG

Wednesday, June 7, 2023

8:30 - 5 pm et

PPAI Legislative Education And Action Day (L.E.A.D.)