Promotional Products Work! Day

PPAI has designated August 24, 2023, as Promotional Products Work! Day. Throughout the day, PPAI, together with its members and other industry professionals, will actively recognize and promote the value, impact and effectiveness of promotional products — the most memorable form of advertising.

Each opportunity is intended to thank customers; spread awareness of the important role promotional products professionals play in all aspects of advertising, marketing, and business; and promote the power of promotional products.

Download The PPW! Day Toolkit

Ways To Celebrate Promotional Products Work! Day

To celebrate the power of promotional products and the value they bring to businesses and organizations, here are some ideas for distributors to participate in the fun:

Host an Open House: Invite customers and prospects to visit your showroom, meet your team, and learn about new products and services.

Create a Social Media Campaign: Use social media to share stories and images of successful promotional product campaigns and the impact they have had on businesses. Encourage your followers to share their own success stories. You may also use any of the other social graphics provided within the PPW Toolkit.

Offer Special Discounts: Offer special discounts on popular products or services to celebrate the day. This can help incentivize customers to make purchases during the event and to get ahead of the buying season.

Donate to a Charitable Organization: Partner with a local charity and donate a portion of your sales to the organization. This can help demonstrate your commitment to giving back to the community.

Host a Networking Event: Organize a networking event for local businesses and organizations to connect and learn about the latest trends in promotional products and marketing.

Launch a New Product: Use the occasion to launch a new product or service. Offer a special promotion or discount for customers who place an order for the new product during the event.

Conduct a Survey: Use the day as an opportunity to gather customer feedback through a survey. This can help you identify areas of improvement and better understand the needs of your customers.

Create a Promotional Products Showcase: Create a display or showcase of popular or innovative promotional products and invite customers to come and see them in person.

Host a Webinar or Seminar: Plan and host an educational webinar or seminar for customers and prospects to learn about the latest trends, best practices, and new products in the promotional products industry.

Give Away Prizes: Host a raffle or giveaway for customers who make a purchase during the event. You may also share the Promotional Products Work Sweepstakes sponsored by PPAI detailed in your email. If you did not receive this email, then please contact for more information. This can help incentivize customers to make a purchase and create a fun and exciting atmosphere.